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    ALBYTRA – Manage Thyroid Effectively!

    ALBYTRA is an ayurvedic formulation for managing Thyroid effectively.

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    ALRIYO-CD4 – You know HIV can be managed effectively.

    ALRIYO-CD4 is an excellent product for HIV / AIDS which is here to say, “Reason To Celebrate LIFE Again”. This product INCREASES the CD4 count very effectively. It also INCREASES the CD4/8 ratio. It MINIMIZES the Viral load by increasing Immunity. It also PREVENTS Tuberculosis along with BOOSTING the immunity …

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    ALTYPTYEE – Body Balancer!! Always Try To Participate Actively
    Altyptee is an excellent Human Neurotransmitter balancer and “Sapta dhatu, poshak, Rasa, Rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, majja, and shukra”. It also boost the immunity very effectively. It activates the immunity by protecting the bone marrow and removing free radicals. It cleans the hepatotoxicity of the liver as well.

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    DOSAYWA – Your Sex Dream Comes True!! Ultimate Male Sex Enhancer!

    DOSAYWA is a long lasting formula to ENJOY Men’s sexual life confidently. It is nothing but “DO Sex As You Want”. It INCREASES the sexual DESIRE by protecting the loss of LIBIDO. It ENHANCES the multiple ejaculations by releasing the male Gonadotropins. It Strengthens the immune system and …

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    ERACANFO – Cancer can be Manageable!! Reason to celebrate Life Again!

    ERACANFO is an excellent Ayurveda formulation to treat any type of Carcinoma. It is an excellent Ayurveda formulation to treat any type of Carcinoma who is under Chemotherapy, radiation Therapy and any Allopathy medication as an adjuvant or part of Carcinoma medication. ERACANFO helps to increase blood oxygen …

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    INSULICKS – Diabetes under Control in 120 days!! Life will be Sweet Again!

    INSULICKS is a complete solution for Diabetes which is blended with PURE Ayurveda ingredients. It promotes and balances the good diabetes conditions, so LIFE WILL BE SWEET AGAIN!! It also helps to balance Type -1 Diabetes, Type -2 Diabetes, Malnutrition Diabetes, and Juvenal diabetes. …

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    POSYSIN – Manage Psoriasis Effectively!
    POSYSIN is an ayurvedic formulation for managing Psoriasis effectively.

    What Is Psoriasis?
    Psoriasis is a common, chronic, autoimmune disease that causes Dry, Red, Scaly Patches and Flakes to appear on the Skin.

    Types of Psoriasis:

    • Plaque                 
    • Guttate
    • Inverse                
    • <span ...