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    ACCUTRICH – For Strong and Healthy Hair Growth!

    ACCUTRICH capsule is an polyhedral formulation that helps to manage hair problems (Indications mentioned below) by replenishing micro-nutrients to hair. Bhringaraj, a major ingredient in ACCUTRICH capsule is extensively documented for its beneficial effect on hair growth and as a natural ‘Blackening agent’ that increases hair melanin content. Other …

  • Personal Care


    FAIRLICKS – Glow Skin, Anti-Aging & Skin Whitener!!

    FAIRLICKS is an ultimate anti-aging skin whitener and glow skin.

    • Keeps healthy Hypodermis
    • Protect Epidermis from the sun light and environmental pollution
    • Antioxidant property
    • Help reduce free radicals
    • Brightness skin
    • Fixes uneven skin tone
    • Increase mobility